The Rise of Snapchat

From a sexting app to a 3 billion IPO on the app market…We will show you how Snapchat became the best tool for sexting and finding girls. With two friends creating a basic snapchat sexting app to now owning the third biggest app in the world. All we can say is that is mad.

Who Created Snapchat?

A lot like Facebook – Snapchats start up was a lot like the film ‘The Social Network’. However snapchat is now on the road to overtake Facebook in it’s first 5 years.

The picture shown in the above article shows the two frat friends who decided to launch snapchat.

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3 Steps to Take When Snapchat Sexting.

Only let friends snap and contact you.

Never use your real information or send Nude snap chats to people you do not know.

Select who can see your private stories.

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