The Rise of Snapchat

From a sexting app to a 3 billion IPO on the app market…We will show you how Snapchat became the best tool for sexting and finding girls. With two friends creating a basic snapchat sexting app to now owning the third biggest app in the world. All we can say is that is mad.

Who Created Snapchat?

A lot like Facebook – Snapchats start up was a lot like the film ‘The Social Network’. However snapchat is now on the road to overtake Facebook in it’s first 5 years.

The picture shown in the above article shows the two frat friends who decided to launch snapchat.

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3 Steps to Take When Snapchat Sexting.

Only let friends snap and contact you.

Never use your real information or send Nude snap chats to people you do not know.

Select who can see your private stories.

Are Snapchat photos really deleted?

Snapchat is a free but clever picture messaging app for the iPhone and Android that lets you send pictures that usually self-destruct after the set amount of seconds. It’s perfect for protecting your privacy, and a big hit with younger users. I’m going to really look into wether snapchat photos are really deleted.

What is Snapchat, and what’s the point of it?

Snapchat is a photo-sharing iPhone app whose selling point is : the photos you send disappear after a few seconds – never to be seen again. Normally that would sound like a disaster, but here it’s deliberate. Usually people are quick to judge with these type of statements but Snapchat so far has it in the bag.

Take a pic within Snapchat, select a time for it to last on the recipients screen and then choose your recipient(s). It means you can get a laugh by sending someone a drunk photo of yourself acting silly at a party, without the worry of seeing it on Facebook later. Of course users can always screenshot theses messages but you are notified within the Snapchat app. If you’re a high profile celebrity, it helps you avoid ending up in the Daily Mail the next day. I can imagine someone like Harry Styles likes snapchat.


Does Snapchat really delete the photos you send?

Strictly speaking, NO it doesn’t, which is where the controversy begins. The android version of the app, a forensic researcher found that all Snapchat does is rename the file leading the operating system not being able to find it. For most situations that’s fine, but if you really want to reconstruct the photo then you can. Without any special software. Recently snapchat has being dealing with numerous ‘Leaked’ photos or hackings, this in particular snapchat hack has been going around the web. snapchat sexting is huge these days with a huge influx of people beginning to screenshot messages.

It’s likely that the iOS version of Snapchat will fix this method of hacking, and while an iPhone is more resistant to OS-Level tinkering than an Android phone, a jailbroken iPhone can even allow you to upload any snapchat picture. We’ve seen proof of this concept and it’s possible it can be done, so when you’re next viewing your snapchat pictures remember they could be fake.

History of Snapchat?

Just over four years ago, Snapchat was just an idea that founder Evan Spiedgel and friends had while in class at Stanford. 100 million active users and 7 billion daily video views later, having the users such as The White House and Bernie Sanders. I’ve taken notice on how to hack snapchat so for now i am in the clear.


All these things quickly led to Snapchat to become the attention of Facebook’s CEO. Just one year into business, Zuckerberg tried to buy snapchat for 3 billion. He recognised that this app was well on it’s way to winning attention of everyone, much like he did with Instagram. But the owners turned down Facebook and he knew he had one of the hottest apps of the time; now it was just up to him and the team to blow out their user base and execute agains their core functions.

So now that you know everything there is to know about the history of the platform, let’s get down to the most important part: how the fuck do you use this thing?

Home Based Business With The Help Of Technology

I'm bryan clarkHouse based organisation is ending up being more and more enticing. With the house now capable of having as much innovation as a lot of small workplaces, why not have a home office.

There is a lot to be stated for using the family house as a business base. Homes of the future will be constructed around web technology. Houses are now being wired for high-speed web use. The new ultra contemporary homes using the docking station for iPods that look like phone holders.

With the price of long commutes going up there is a new type of workers that opt for a home based company. The webs appeal keeps growing and will move the country in the direction of using the home as an office.

To establish a home based organisation takes the least quantity of capital. With wireless access to your consumer base anywhere on the planet, your office literally travels with you. Where else can you escape everything while taking it all with you? Generation X and Y are the comfiest with the new devices. That means to reach a more youthful consumer you need to be computer savvy

Anyone can start a business from home. Age is not a deterrent and either is earnings. Many home based organisation can begin with small amounts of capital. They can be started while being employed at a full-time task. Products can be bought via the web. The time aspect of initiating a home business is less that exactly what it would be to start a traditional type business. It interest people who want to go and innovate into company as rapidly as possible. We all love to earn with minecraft and thats why this website offers free premium minecraft accounts.

Ignore having to get a house for the kids, doing laundry, having dinner all set or simply to attempt loosening up from a difficult day at the workplace. Americans are changing their collaboration with business America. The indications are that the simple matter of corporate loyalty is now an urban legend. These have actually been troubling times for the worker who looks to the business entity as a protector. Individuals are not entering into the market for full health care coverage because that plan might not be used at all jobs.

A home based service has a great deal of appeal. The house is a sanctuary that uses a lot of features that you can not find the task. Lots of people are leaving business America to join the ranks of the independent entrepreneur. This is a growing trend that permits the business owner more control over costs to run an organisation and start. Starting a home based company is a way to tailor your lifestyle in a manner that was not possible prior to the introduction of the brand-new web innovation.

With the home now capable of having as much technology as most little offices, why not have a home workplace. With the cost of long commutes going up there is a brand-new type of workers that decide for a home based organisation. Most house based service can begin with small quantities of capital. A home based business has a lot of appeals. Beginning a home based business is a way to customise your lifestyle in a way that was not possible prior to the development of the new web technology.

Instagram When It Comes To Online Marketing

As you all know, Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing and social networking app in this generation, since its release in October 2010, Instagram has made a huge impact on the social networking especially when it comes to photo sharing. That’s why some companies now have Instagram accounts for them to widen their advertising and to expose their products with the help of the photo sharing app. The best thing about Instagram is that you can use it anytime and anywhere allowing you to take instant photos and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. When you are using Instagram remember to charge your mobile!


When it comes to Instagram and online marketing, Companies who have Instagram accounts can buy Instagram likes by being followed by other users. Instagram can help companies who want to expose their products instantly making it the perfect app for them to advertise and endorse their promos, events, and contests. Once your company has been exposed to the other users on Instagram, they will spread the photos that you posted on Instagram to other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing your company to gain more exposure, likes, and comments that can help the company know what their followers and other users think about their products, events, and contests. So if you have a business or a company, and you it to gain more exposure, Instagram is the application that can help you advertise your company through social networking websites. No matter where you are, as long as you have Instagram on your smartphone or tablets, you can take pictures, post, and share right away.
I’ve recently been working on a tool for Instagram which I can hopefully release to the public before Christmas. Watch out for that and watch out for other posts this year. Keep calm. Bryan.

Facebook Advertising: Exactly what to Anticipate Inside Facebook

In the past, Facebook was simply a university picture as well as account sharing device that was just readily available for university student with e-mail. Since of its appeal, Facebook is currently a globally social networking internet site that is made readily available to anybody that has a legitimate e-mail address. This indicates that anywhere you are and also whichever institution you most likely to, you will certainly have the ability to join this huge social networking internet site as long as you have a legitimate e-mail address.

These are things that you have to bear in mind concerning Facebook. As you could see, Facebook will certainly have the ability to give you with just what you require in order to market efficiently on the net. It has the website traffic as well as devices and also all you have to do is utilize it.

The most current information in Facebook is it currently released its Spanish translation variation of Facebook. You have to take into consideration the truth that over 60 percent of Facebook customers are outside the United States as well as a lot of individuals signing up with Facebook lives in nations where English is not the main language.

Facebook will certainly additionally have the ability to supply the advertising devices you should successfully market your solutions or items. It has blog sites, applications, and also it will certainly additionally enable you to produce teams. With these devices, you will certainly have the ability to bring in targeted web traffic to your account web page as well as obtain them to see your organisation site.

Many thanks to the Spanish variation of Facebook, even more individuals will certainly be able to join this really big social networking internet site. If you are a web marketing expert or you have a tiny company, you might desire to attempt Facebook as an internet site that you must market on.

The most up to date information in Facebook is it currently introduced its Spanish translation variation of Facebook. This indicates that even more individuals will certainly have the ability to sign up with Facebook, specifically Latin-speaking nations. You need to think about that over 60 percent of Facebook individuals are outside the United States as well as lots of people signing up with Facebook stays in nations where English is not the key language.

If you are a web online marketer or you possess a tiny service, you could desire to attempt Facebook as a site that you must market on. Facebook will certainly likewise be able to give the advertising devices you require to efficiently market your solutions or items. As you could see, Facebook will certainly be able to give you with just what you require in order to market efficiently on the web.

With the devices in Facebook, you could be certain that you will certainly have the ability to obtain the best type of web traffic from it as well as guide them to your site.

To begin, you might intend to produce a total account. Attempt including some applications as well as include some pictures and also video clips in your account web page. You need to keep in mind that you have to make your account web page intriguing in order to draw in individuals.

In Facebook, you will certainly see that it will certainly currently have the numbers. You do not in fact require to produce even more web traffic as Facebook is currently taken into consideration to be self adequate.

You likewise require to develop a network of buddies. If you currently have pals that you understand that utilizes Facebook, attempt including them and also attempt to surf their network.

If you have a blog site that talks about a certain subject or subject that belongs to the solutions or items you are marketing, you might intend to distribute it on Facebook making use of RSS. This will certainly allow various other participants to review your blog sites.